It was marriage that turned me into an ‘army wife’.  Before I got married lots of people told me they couldn’t imagine me as an army wife.  All I was thinking was, what does that even mean?  I’ll just be me, with a husband.  Actually, people telling me I might not fit in with other army wives made me worried that I wouldn’t make any friends, I wouldn’t have a network and I might be quite lonely.

So two years into being an ‘army wife’.  Guess what, I’m just me with a husband (and a dog now!).  I have made good friends, had really fun times and met some incredible women and men on this journey so far.  Being myself and embracing the experience has definitely helped me during my first few years as an army wife.  But most importantly, before you are an army wife you are YOU, so I try to stay true to myself, what I believe in and what I care about .  The rest will follow.


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