Living out of a suitcase

I’ve been living out of suitcase since I could first travel by myself. From an early age I knew the small town I grew up in was not the place I’d spend the rest of my life. Straight out of school I was on a plane as fast as possible with a big bag and even bigger dream. I don’t really feel like that’s come to an end, and if anything army life perpetuates the constant cycle of movement from one place to another. Many army families live in places they don’t come from, so to keep contact with friends and family requires travel. This happens mostly at the weekend. When others take an opportunity to pause, we’re off on an adventure to touch base with important people in our lives. Couple this with a job which requires at least one or two trips away a week and suddenly home feels like a stopping point in route to the next destination.Of course this situation is not unique to army life, but it’s something we have to learn to embrace. That’s not always easy but I think as you start to embrace I think it gets easier to live in the moment and be grateful for the little things. Home is a feeling of security and comfort, and you can find that outside your own four walls. Life in general is different now, we can travel much further faster, we can talk ‘face-to-face’ online and we can connect with people around the globe. So maybe there are some benefits to being able to pack your life into a bag and spend quality, real face to face time whenever possible. I think army families are particularly good at this, so when it feels hard remember that it’s the small moments that matter and sometimes you need to go seek them out.

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