It’s fair to say that I’m a pretty independent soul.  This, I believe, is a very positive thing.  However a strong independent streak can also be challenging, for yourself and also for those around you.

I have to be very conscious that not everyone share’s my overriding desire to be self-reliant.  In many relationships (both friends and romantic relationships) my independence has caused misunderstandings and challenges.  In fact right before I got together with my husband I’d resigned myself to the fact that I might never meet anyone who could handle my drive to be self-sufficient.

As it turns out I now have a good balance of maintaining my independence and ensuring it doesn’t get in the way of healthy relationships.  What I have learnt through being an army wife, particularly with a deployment on the horizon, is that independence is important.

To keep my independence I consciously make sure I’m doing things on my own, even if it’s just once a week.  Sometimes this is just being on a train journey, other times it’s a barefoot run on the beach.  For me the key thing is to keep up that inner strength so that when you need to face things alone, it’s easier.