I find that there’s a balance to strike when it comes to planning.  Generally I’m a bit of a free-spirit, fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal.  This lends itself well to being an army wife…at times.

Sometimes however a bit of planning is necessary and as you might imagine my other half likes to plan, it’s in his army DNA.  Over time I’ve learnt to put some time and effort into planning, so that we can maximise the time we have together and make sure my work, home and army wife life don’t descend into chaos.

My husband is deploying soon and we’ve got a housemove on the cards so I’ll be posting lots about planning.  To start with here’s my general top tips:

  1. Have a shared calendar with your other half, this makes sure you don’t double book and allows you to visualise how busy you are (so you can remove some commitments if it’s getting too much!).
  2. Go on a date, and take your diary.  Often we’ll put time in the diary, to look at our diaries.  Sounds geeky but it always involves wine and sometimes requires gin.
  3. Plan in fun.  Don’t over do-it with an hour by hour plan of what you’re going to do on a Saturday afternoon but make sure you’ve got enough to look forward to in your diary.  If your husband is away fill that time with friends and family.  This is important as it takes keeps a good balance of practical logistics with the added sparkle of excitement.